Chris Eckert is periodically available for private coaching in both improvisation and sketch comedy. For groups, a minimum of 2 hours is required per session. Coaching space at The Groundlings school is subject to availability. 


5-8 people: $100 / 2 hours 

8+ people: $120 / 2 hours 

Additional hour: $50 

Less than 5: Due to the nature of improvisation, it is highly recommended that groups be comprised of at least 5 people. Depending on format, Chris will coach small groups with a rate to be determined on a per case basis. 


2-5 people: $80 / 2 hours

5-10 people: $100 / 2 hours 

Please note: As The Groundlings style of sketch comedy is performance oriented, it is highly recommended that you put sketch on it’s feet. Students should have have an understanding of sketch comedy and materials prepared before pursuing private coaching. 


Showcase audition preparation (CBS, ABC, NBC): $60 / hour

Please note: Students should have an idea of what they plan on showcasing for their audition. Chris will give notes, punch up, and fine tune. 

If you would like to book coaching or have additional questions, please use the following form: